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Inside Richard Deacon’s Studio

A look inside Richard Deacon’s studio from TateShots

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Vases Made of Pencils

Pencil vases by Studio Markunpoika via BoingBoing

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Netting Coloured marker sketch.

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Sketch for Sculpture

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Animated Drawing

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Happy Christmas

Louise Bourgeois, The Stars (Les Étoiles), 2009, archival dyes printed on fabric A piece by Louise Bourgeois who was born on Christmas day. via j. gildea

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Brian Cypher

Brian Cypher, Nested Section, 2013 Etching, 6 x 8 inches, edition of 15 This print is published by Manneken Press  via instagram More from Brian Cypher

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Studio Wall with Digital Drawings

At the moment I am thinking whether I should and how I can filter these back through a handdrawn process.

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Balloons from the Mexico ’68 Olympics

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Digital Drawing

Untitled, Digital Drawing, 2013 An new digital drawing. Still a work in progress.

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