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Happy Christmas

Niall de Buitléar, Untitled, 2014, giclee print A new digital drawing I created as the first limited edition artwork produced by Pallas Projects. They will be commissioning artworks from various artists for their project Pallas  Projects – Editions. The print … Continue reading

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Sketch for Sculpture

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Digital Drawing

Untitled, Digital Drawing, 2013 An new digital drawing. Still a work in progress.

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Illustrator Accident

An interesting accident that resulted from distributing paths instead of aligning them in Adobe Illustrator.

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Structural Constellation – Josef Albers

Structural Constellation, machine engraved vinylite and wood, 1963 A selection of these works were on view at the Lewis Glucksman gallery for the exhibition The Sacred Modernist: Josef Albers as a Catholic Artist.

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Philip Glass Music and Animation for Sesame Street

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Temari Balls

“Temari balls are a traditional Japanese craft in which colored thread is applied to a sphere in a geometric pattern. This is a modern example, given to me by the Japanese master Kiyoko Urata.” Taken from a post by George … Continue reading

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Unusual Geometric Shapes

This animated image shows a structure called a hyperboloid of one sheet. It is a curved form made up of only straight lines and is one of several strucutre discussed in this blog post by “Miss Cellania” (via boingboing).

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A Geometry of the Pitted, Pocked, and Broken Up

This quote from James Gleick’s book Chaos: Making a New Science refers to the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot who is considered the “father of fractal geometry”. I think its interesting to think about in relation to contemporary sculpture. Clouds are not spheres, … Continue reading

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D’arcy Wentworth Thompson

These illustrations by D’Arcy Wenworth Thompson show the shapes made by drops of ink in water (left) and the tentacles of a jellyfish (right). They are taken from a book called Chaos: The Amazing Science of the Unpredicatable by James Gleick … Continue reading

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