Beneath That Darkness There Was Another

Niall de Buitléar’s small paintings, built from intricate concentric patterns, are geometric but also suggestive of organic processes. They equate to the world outside: complex and orderly but also contingent and unpredictable. Their handmade precision makes them visually fascinating. You could quite happily live with any one of them and never tire of it.

Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times


Bush of Ghosts, acrylic on panel
Beneath That Darkness, acrylic on panel
Falls, acrylic on two panels
I Zimbra, acrylic on panel
Petri, acrylic on panel
Voids, acrylic on panel
Nghtswimming, acrylic on panel
What If There Were Two, acrylic on two panels
One Way or Another, acrylic on panel
Signal, laser engraved acrylic
Installation view of laser cut plywood sculptures
Installation view of laser cut plywood sculptures

Beneath That Darkness There Was Another
was a solo exhibition of painting, sculpture and laser-engraved panels at Pallas Projects in Dublin. The exhibition continued the ongoing development of a personal abstract vocabulary while introducing new media and materials. The works have been developed through the layering and accumulation of simple forms into more complex constructions.

The exhibition was the first time the I have exhibited a collection of paintings. The paintings developed from my drawing practice and use layering to add new aspects of texture and depth. The paintings avoid colour to focus on tone, form, texture and layering.