The Wonderful Barn, Kildare

The Wonderful Barn

The Wonderful Barn

The Wonderful Barn is an unusual and striking structure, based on the design of an Indian rice store. Built as a poverty relief project funded by John Glin of the Castletown estate, and therefore of historical and social interest, the conical grain store is one of only two in the country and has interesting details such as the external stone stairs and unusually-shaped openings.

Images via Diggy’s Way of Seeing
Text quoted from The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage

Guillermo Kuitca

I’ve mentioned Guillermo Kuitca a number of times on this blog before and here are a couple of videos I’ve come across today. The first is Kuitca’s piece Stage Fright which is described on Youtube as “animation for Kuitca’s Show at Gallery Met at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. 2007”. The piece relates to the artist’s series of “drawings” involving inkjet prints of coloured theatre seating plans being dipped in water of varying temperatures.  The second is the first of a three part conversation between Kuitca and the curator Douglas Dreishpoon Albright at Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo NY. The other two parts can be found on this youtube profile.

Jellyfish Theatre

The Jellyfish theatre is constructed entirely from recycled materials including pallets and water cooler containers.Its a project by artist and architect Martin Kaltwasse and Folke Kobberling in collaboration with the Red Room film and theatre company.

There’s more info at and an article on the Guardian’s website here.