Jellyfish Theatre

The Jellyfish theatre is constructed entirely from recycled materials including pallets and water cooler containers.Its a project by artist and architect Martin Kaltwasse and Folke Kobberling in collaboration with the Red Room film and theatre company.

There’s more info at and an article on the Guardian’s website here.

Francis Alys Videos Online

Francis Alys has made many of his videos available online through his website. Most of the videos have been made public domain through creative commons licensing and can be downloaded while a small number are only available to be watched online.

image: still from Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing, Mexico City, 1997, 4:59min

Katie Holten’s Tree Museum

There’s an article in today’s Irish Times about Katie Holten’s Tree Museum and her upcoming show at the Hugh Lane as a part of the Golden Bough series. The Tree Museum was a public artwork that examined people’s relationships to trees in the Bronx area of New York through an audio guide featuring recordings of local people. Below is a short video about the Tree Museum and the audio recordings are available through her website.

Michael Rakowitz – paraSITE

The paraSITE project by Michael Rakowitz involves “Custom built inflatable shelters designed for homeless people that attach to the exterior outtake vents of a building’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. The warm air leaving the building simultaneously inflates and heats the double membrane structure. Built and distributed to over 30 homeless people in Boston and Cambridge, MA and New York City.”