Approaching the Landscape, Rua Red, Tallaght
31st July - 31st August 2015

Approaching the Landscape is a group exhibition featuring my work all with work by Margaret Corcoran, Lili Heller, Jason Deans and Conor Mary Foy. The exhibition is curated by the 2015 RUA RED Young Curators; Matthew Fitzgerald, Rachael Kennedy and Sarah Usher.

Approaching the Landscape brings together art works and artists who respond to our surrounding environment. Each artwork presented in this exhibition interprets a specific terrain, or perspective which reflects how we as people negotiate our personal territories. This exploration inherently highlights the changing appearances of our environs. Furthermore, these various territories reflect upon the geography of the local area of Tallaght; with it’s proximity to the mountains, city center, sprawling suburban landscape and the changing nature of it’s inhabitants.

The exhibition opens on Friday 31st July at 6PM.

Beneath That Darkness There Was Another, Pallas Projects, Dublin
25th March - 11th April 2015

Beneath That Darkness There Was Another was a solo exhibition of painting, sculpture and laser-engraved panels. The exhibition continues the artist's ongoing development of a personal abstract vocabulary while introducing new media and materials. The works have been developed through the layering and accumulation of simple forms into more complex constructions.

The exhibition was the first time the I have exhibited a collection of paintings. The paintings developed from my drawing practice and use layering to add new aspects of texture and depth. The paintings avoid colour to focus on tone, form, texture and layering.

Pallas Projects—Editions #1

I was invited to produce the first artwork for Pallas Projects Editions series of prints. The series will feature artists who have shown with PP/S over the last 20 years, and is intended to evolve into a curated series of affordable editions by Irish and international contemporary artists.

The artwork is an archival print of a digital drawing in an edition of 50 and available to purchase through the gallery for €50. For more info visit the Pallas Projects/Studios website.