Miriam Meets Alice Maher and Dermot Seymour

In a fantastic interview from RTE Radio 1 Miriam O’Callaghan interviews Irish artists Alice Maher and Dermot Seymour about their work and their life together

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Alice Maher on Louise Bourgeois

Here is an interesing

      1. podcast
of Alice Maher speaking about Louise Bourgeois. The marble sculpture pictured here is Cumulus I from 1969 which is mentioned in the podcast.

The Nerve – Music and the Human Experience

The Nerve – Music and the Human Experience is a six part radio series. The first episode, which dealt with how we perceive music, was played as the lyric feature last Saturday evening.

All of the episodes except the fifth be listened to here (not sure why the fifth isn’t available).

The titles of the episodes are below.

Episode 1: Wired for Sound (Music & the Brain)

Episode 2: In the Key of DNA (Music & Evolution)

Episode 3: The Pipe, the Drum and the Thunder Run (Music & War)

Episode 4: Enchanted, Entranced (Music & Spirituality)

Episode 5: myTunes (Music & Identity)

Episode 6: Sentimental Journey (Music & Emotion)

Katie Holten’s Tree Museum

There’s an article in today’s Irish Times about Katie Holten’s Tree Museum and her upcoming show at the Hugh Lane as a part of the Golden Bough series. The Tree Museum was a public artwork that examined people’s relationships to trees in the Bronx area of New York through an audio guide featuring recordings of local people. Below is a short video about the Tree Museum and the audio recordings are available through her website.